Compare Dedicated Hiring with Fixed Price Project.
FAQ Dedicated Hiring Fixed Price Project
What is it? A team of professionals is allocated on a full-time basis at fixed monthly fees. A quote and timeline is given to the client for delivering a well defined project.
Who is it for? Software Services Companies, ISV or Organization requiring on-going maintenance and Upgradation. Organizations having well defined one-off projects that needs to be executed.
Outsourcing Orientation Long-term partnership, Outsourcing as a strategy. Short term focus.
Cost Savings High Average
Risk Moderate Low
IP Protection Yes Yes
Billing Model Monthly Phased
Scope Changes in scope does not result in additional charges. Changes in scope results in additional charges.
Flexibility High Low
Free Account Management Services Yes Depends
Project Management Client or TECHVION TECHVION
Control High Normal
Reliability High High
Process Control High Limited
Choose who works for you? Yes No
Communication Directly with team With project manager only
Resource Allocation Controlled by client Controlled by TECHVION

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