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Importance of a Responsive Website

We often come across websites that work fine on desktop computers or laptops but not on mobile devices. These types of websites cause a lot of problems particularly at a time when we want to extract some information using our mobile devices. A lot of people these days have started using mobile phones to browse websites and perform different searches. This is the reason why the statistics show more than 50% of web traffic is mobile based.

Besides these, there are other websites as well that work equally great on mobile devices as well as computers. Such websites are known as a responsive website. A responsive website is the one that is built in a way that all the content including images is displayed on every type of device regardless of the screen size. Please note that a responsive website is not a mobile friendly website. A mobile friendly website works well only on mobile devices while a responsive website is designed for all types of devices.

In recent times, customers have become impatient. They don’t want to waste their time on websites that only work on a specific type of device. They want to browse a website that opens up quickly and displays information on all devices. Moreover, a responsive website is also preferred by Google and tends to get better rankings. Thus, it is obvious that a responsive website is also good for SEO purposes. In addition to above benefits, a responsive website will offer you low maintenance costs as compared to running two versions of the same website. There is absolutely no need to run two websites when you can have one for all needs and customers. If you are running an online store with a responsive design, there is a great chance of improving your conversion rate and turn the sales leads into customers.

In order to serve your customers in a better way, you should make sure you are having a responsive website. It will give tons of benefits to you and your customers will get to enjoy a convenient experience. If you are using a CMS platform, you will find some easy ways to give your website a responsive design. However, if your CMS platform does not allow such functionality, you should look for other ways using which you can make your website a responsive one. There are different service providers who can help you make your website optimized for all types of devices.

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