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Common WordPress Security Issues and How to Fix Them

WordPress, no doubt, is one of the best CMS platforms in the world. Millions of websites are based on this platform because it elevates web standards and makes it easy to maintain a website. Be it new users or professionals, WordPress serves all with great features and easy to use interface. However, some users are concerned about the potential WordPress security issues. They want to get these WordPress security issues fixed to keep using it with full confidence. Here we will discuss some very common security vulnerabilities along with their solutions to keep your WordPress site safe. Let’s get started.

Brute Force Attacks

The brute force attack method is one of the most common WordPress security threats to almost all WordPress websites. It refers to the trial and error method of entering username and password combinations continuously. Hackers keep doing this process until they are able to discover the right information. By default, WordPress doesn’t limit the number of login attempts. In order to avoid it, you should try to use additional layers of security.

Cross-Site Scripting

Most security vulnerabilities on the internet are due to Cross-Site Scripting. It is also known as XXS attacks that are also very common in WordPress. This WordPress security threat allows the hacker to load webpages with insecure JavaScript scripts. These scripts are loaded without the visitor knowing about them and later on, these are used to steal information from the web browsers.

Malware or Virus

Another most common WordPress security vulnerability occurs when an unverified plug-in is installed or some malware has been injected into your website’s files. These types of incidents can disturb the performance of your website and cause inconvenience to the visitors. If you feel some malware on your website, you can always check for recently installed plugins or changed files.

Attacks via Automated Programs

Most WordPress security threats are posed by automated software. Hackers use these types of software to bypass all the layers of security and get access to all the files and information on your website. In order to avoid this, it is recommended to change all the controls and permissions periodically.

These are three very common WordPress security issues that may happen on your website as well. It is important to look for options using which you can improve the level of safety and security of your site. Most users don’t have the required level of expertise to discover these and other security threats. They can easily lose their website to hackers along with all the information they had. It is important to consult a professional company that can help you cope with all the WordPress security issues with ease. We, Techvion, can help you deal with all the security vulnerabilities remotely. Our company provides web hosting and maintenance services to protect your business site with reliable and secure web hosting solutions without putting a hole in your pocket.

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